How much does a lesson cost?
We understand the constant demands on the family budget, so we keep our fees to a minimum. For current lesson costs see the Fees page.

What else do I have to pay?
While students are in a group rehearsal for a performance a small fee may be charged to cover costs. There are no costume charges as students wear their own clothes in performances.

Can I pay per lesson?
Yes you can. Per lesson charges are at the higher casual rate. Per term fees are more economical.

What if I miss a lesson?
Term students are able to do a make-up lesson within the same school term if a minimum of 24 hours minimum notice is given.
Casual students also need to give 24 hours minimum notice or full fees are due for that lesson. See full details in ‘Terms & Conditions’.

Do I have to practice?
No you don’t have to practice. However, like anything, the more you do it the better you will get at it, so practice is encouraged. Jacqui takes students at their own pace.

Are there any lessons during school holidays?
No, not normally. Lessons are during the NSW Public School term. However, if students are in need of an extra lesson for a special performance, audition or music assessment, these can be arranged, depending on availability.

Do you help students choose their songs?
The student is encouraged to pick songs they like and feel they would like to sing. It’s important, though, to make sure the songs are appropriate for the student, their ability and the performance situation.

Ultimately, the choice of song is up to the student, however Jacqui will certainly help you make to the best choices.

Can you help me overcome being a nervous singer?
Yes. Nerves are natural, even for some of the most experienced singers. This is an area Jacqui understands and addresses with the students.

Will I have a chance to perform in front of an audience?
Yes, all students are able to perform at the end of year Shine Concert. Also, throughout the year there are number of opportunities for students who are ready to perform.

Do you have clearance to work with children?
Yes, Jacqui holds a Certificate for Self Employed People in child related employment (issued by NSW Commission for Children & Young People).

NB https://check.kids.nsw.gov.au/#are-you-parent – provides for more information about the certificate, why it’s required and who should have one.

What should I look for when choosing a teacher?
What you need from your singing teacher depends on the reasons you wish to sing. Are you singing for fun, preparing for a one-off event, studying music at school or, even, about to take exams? Do you want to sing for yourself or to a wider audience? Are you singing in a band, a choir or going solo?

Discuss your needs with the teacher and ask about their background and experience teaching specifically for your individual goals. Find out about the teacher’s qualifications and practical experience. Get a feel for the rapport the teacher will have with the student. Or simply ring and book a trial lesson.

Also, in accordance with NSW law, if the student is under 18, the teacher requires a ‘Working with Children’ certificate. Ask them if they hold a current certificate, and ask to view it at your first lesson.